Spring Break! What to do.

Hi all!

Have a happy and restful spring break.  Video links for Friday’s video lecture are below.  Your homework over break will be to read Hamkins (not Hammack), Chapter 4 up to the end of Section 4.3 (pages 27-32) about induction, and to watch the Friday lecture videos.  Just spend some time thinking and absorbing, nothing to hand in.

Video 1 (19 mins) is hosted on google drive, and I made it for you today, showing a standard inductive proof:  view it here.

Video 2 (22 mins) is hosted on YouTube and I made it in 2018 showing a graph-based inductive proof:  view it here.  (I apologize that I can’t find my original file from 2018 and have to give a YouTube link, which may serve you an ad that Youtube makes money from. 🙂