Study Sheets

For each of the six modules, you will create a study summary.  Here are some basic principles:

It should be around 3-4 pages, with your best synthesis of the relevant material.  The format is flexible and can match your personal style, but it should include:

  • any relevant definitions, with examples and non-examples of each
  • any relevant facts/theorems, with examples of the theorem applied to a situation
  • explanations of notation with examples
  • important notes and clarifications that you have found helpful (for example, misunderstandings you initially held and later cleared) with examples
  • in all of the above, examples you have created yourself, chosen to illustrate important pitfalls and clarify important points that may have tripped you up on the written quizzes
  • DO NOT copy notes from textbook, lectures, etc.  You should learn the definitions, understand them, and then generate them from your brain.  Don’t copy.  Copying doesn’t help you learn.  The examples should be totally new ones of your own creation, not from the book or notes.