For Wed May 3rd

This is your last daily post!

  1. No proof for feedback because we have the functions quiz in class.  The practice problems are available under the Materials Archive tab.  That’s your work for today.
  2. By midnight Wednesday night, please hand in your completed final self-eval sheet.  There’s a separate submission box on canvas for this.
  3. The final exam is on Monday.  It will have proofs, yes.  It will be as if I stapled together a bunch of proof quizzes and content quizzes.
  4. The deadlines have passed for grade improvements, but if you have MISSED a content quiz and not made it up, please contact me ASAP.
  5. There is an opportunity for a proof improvement activity due at the final exam.  This is optional, and may improve your proof grade.
  6. By midnight Tuesday night, please do your FCQs.  I read them with care, and they inform my future teaching, and they factor into department teaching evaluation.  They really do matter.
  7. For office hours from now until the final, there’s a link to reserve a slot on the canvas main page (a google calendar reservation system), in case you want individualized reserved times (Math 308 in math building).  You can also email/discord me.
  8. Class was recorded and will be on canvas.