For Monday, April 24th, 2023

Proof for feedback:

bijective function


  1. For office hours for the rest of term, there’s a link to reserve a slot on the canvas main page (a google calendar reservation system), in case you want individualized reserved times (Math 308 in math building).  You can also just email me.
  2. There is an opportunity for a proof improvement activity due at the final exam.  This is optional, and may improve your proof grade.
  3. Relations quiz solutions and past proof quiz solutions are on the Materials Archive tab.  Check them out.
  4. You can also do a grade improvement for your relations quiz, as with previous quizzes.  Time is short, though; please get me a study sheet by early next week.
  5. Next week’s proof quiz will be a proof about functions (injectivity, surjectivity, bijectivity).  We’ve been practicing these in class.
  6. I will ask you to turn in your final self-eval form on the last day of class on canvas.  Make sure you are keeping it up to date.
  7. FCQ administration starts next week.  I really appreciate you filling them out.
  8. Class was recorded Fri Apr 21 and is on canvas.
  9. Please complete and compare functions 2 worksheet and solutions.
  10. Read Hammack, Section 12.2 and do exercises from that section (injective, surjective, bijective).