Due Wednesday April 5th

Proof for feedback:

Hammack, Chapter 10, #4.


  1. Wednesday’s quiz is an inductive proof test.  See “Grading” tab above for the slightly modified quiz schedule.
  2. If you’d like a grade improvement for Logic, please contact me with a study sheet by this Friday.
  3. Read Hammack Chapter 10 up to end of 10.2 (he divides induction up into “weak” and “strong” which just refer to patterns of what depends on what; it’s all induction).
  4. Do exercises for Hammack Chapter 10.
  5. In class monday we did a graph theory induction proof.  Here’s a formally-written version.
  6. If you contacted me with a sets study sheet for a grade improvement, and I didn’t write you an email today (Monday), then contact me again to make sure I didn’t miss you.