For Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

For Wed:

Proof for feedback:

State and prove a variation on today’s Take-2-or-1 Theorem, but where players can take 1 or 3 stones.  Use as a model the proof from class notes and/or my writeup.


  1. Note:  Friday, March 24th will be a recorded lecture (so no need to attend class); you will find it on this website and view it over spring break at your leisure.
  2. Wednesday is a proof quiz.  It will be a proof by contrapositive.  Examples can be found in Chapter 5 of Hammack.  Do some exercises from there as practice.
  3. Because of spring break, you will have until April 7th to do a logic study sheet in order to request a logic grade improvement.  Solutions to the quiz can be found in the “Materials Archive” page as usual.