For Monday, April 10th, 2023

Proof for Feedback:

Another induction:  Hamkins (not Hammack), Chapter 4, exercise 4.4:  prove that for integers n \ge 2, we have f_n\text{\textless}2^n where f_n is the n-th Fibonacci number.


  1. I don’t get the sense that the class was feeling good about induction on the quiz.  I’m slightly changing the wednesday quiz schedule, so this coming wednesday will be another chance at an induction proof (grading will be updated so you get best 4 of 8 proofs instead of best 4 of 7).
  2. Read Hamkins (not Hammack), Chapter 4 (you may optionally skip the “Buckets of Fish” part), and do the proof for feedback above.
  3. Do some of Hamkins’ Chapter 4 exercises.
  4. Study induction.
  5. For those who missed Friday’s class, there’s a video on canvas, plus info as usual at “Materials Archive” above.