For Monday, February 27th

Proof for feedback:

Contradiction about sets


  1. Don’t forget to get me your study sheet if you want to improve your counting grade (optional grade improvement activity; see Grading > Content Modules > Grade Improvement from top bar).  Monday is best, Wednesday is the last opportunity.
  2. Check out solutions to the last proof.  Did you notice the statement was false?
  3. Finish the negation worksheet if you have not already.  Solutions here.
  4. For more negation practice, Hammack, Exercises 2.10 (odds have answers in the back, as usual).  Keep in mind there are many correct answers to a single negation problem (but they all mean the same thing).
  5. Don’t forget the sets test is coming up.  Very soon I will put up some practice problems (these will go up on the Materials Archive page).  The material covered is:
      1. basic definitions including set, element, equality, empty set, cardinality, subset
      2. Set-builder notation and interval notation
      3. ordered pairs, Cartesian products and powers, subset and powersets, including cardinality of such
      4. operations (union, intersection, difference), universe, complement, Venn diagrams to visualize these