For Monday, Feb 20th, 2023

LATE NOTIFICATION:  CLASS ON MONDAY WILL BE ON ZOOM — please see canvas or discord for zoom link; email or discord for further details.

For Monday:

Proof for feedback

contradiction proof


  1. Click the “Grading” tab above and read the part about “Content Modules” > “Grade Improvement”; this is info on how to improve your grade on the counting test if you want to.   The first step is to send me a study sheet to look over; once I approve of that we can do an oral retake together.   There’s a bit of a deadline:  you two weeks to get your study sheet approved and retake scheduled.
  2. We have basically finished the material on sets (to be tested in a week and a half).  For review/solidification, read Hammack, Section 1.5 and do exercises as needed.
  3. Ponder the rest of the contradiction puzzles, which we will take up together next class.