For Wednesday February 8th

For Wed:

Proof for Feedback:

Please re-do your first proof quiz.  See detailed instructions below.


  1. Obtain your proof 1 quiz (handed back Monday; if you missed class ask me and I’ll send you a photograph of it), and check out my feedback.  Also look over this document about model solutions which we spent a while discussing in class.  It’s got lots of important feedback/discussion on writing.
  2. Then, when you feel you’ve absorbed the feedback, close all your resources/notes and do the proof on a blank page.  Hand this in for feedback.  (Don’t just copy one of the model solutions I’ve given you; that would have very little learning value.)
  3. We have another proof quiz on Wednesday!  You can see the schedule of proofs by clicking on the Grading tab at the top of the page.  (Note:  at some point I reordered the 2nd and 3rd topics.)
  4. In fact, here’s a fun counting question:  looking at the schedule of quizzes, how many ways could I reorder them?  Two proof quizzes are not considered different.
  5. In class we started a worksheet on combinatorial proof puzzles.  Spend some more time on this, up to problem 4 ideally, more if you want.  We will tackle it next day in class.  Here are Friday’s class notes which are relevant.
  6. Another counting question:  how many different burritos can you actually make at Chipotle?  Discuss on discord (is this problem well-defined/precise?)