Due Monday December 7th

For Mon:

  • Don’t forget there’s one more proofs quiz due Monday (one more chance to replace one of your lower grades with a higher one!).  It is induction.
  • This is our last daily post!  It is full of announcements, so please please read through them all.
  • UPDATE: Online FCQs are open until Monday.  FCQs are used to evaluate your instructors for reappointment, promotion and tenure, and to inform the department about their teaching effectiveness.  I, personally, greatly appreciate feedback and work to improve my teaching using your feedback.  Also, if you haven’t answered my own additional feedback form, please please do!
  • The FINAL EXAM will be available for the entire exam period.  It will be take-home style, on canvas, due at 11:59 pm on the 13th.  This is a HARD DEADLINE.  Plan ahead!  Plan to complete it the day before the deadline if possible.  Upload a draft of whatever you have earlier in the day so that if you have internet troubles, you don’t lose the entire exam.  Email me before the deadline if you are having problems.
  • The final day will be a review exercise of some sort (in the past I’ve done clicker-style team competition in class like trivia night… I’ll have to see how to adapt it online, I just heard of something called kahoot…  We’ll see, but hopefully fun!)
  • And finally, a big THANK YOU to everyone for attending the course and for keeping a positive attitude through our online learning experience, for making me smile and putting forth your best efforts.  It’s you, the students, who make all the work worth it.  Thank you.
  • To Do:  For your final daily post, you can use the text entry box to write one thing you learned from this course that you think will be useful or that you are glad you learned.  I’m curious what students take away.  That’s it!