Due Monday November 30th

For Mon:

  • I hope everyone has/had a wonderful thanksgiving, whether remote, take-out, whatever it is/was.  🙂
  • To Know:  Because of the Thanksgiving break, badges and proofs due dates are pushed back.  Here’s the remaining due dates:
      • Badges will be due Monday, November 30th and Friday, December 4th.
      • Proof Quizzes will be due Wednesday, December 2nd and Monday, December 7th.  They will both be on induction.
  • Practice setting up induction using this induction worksheet.  This is your first practice for the Proofs III badge, and we’ll take it up in class, so you may wish to leave this badge for last and do it after class (it’s due Monday at midnight).
  • Hand in your worksheet answers on canvas.