Due Monday, November 9th:

Due Monday:

  • To Know:  I extended all the badges due dates to Monday, to give everyone more breathing room.
  • To Know:  A proof quiz has been posted, due Monday.
  • To Know: There was some problem with the playlists on canvas; the other tab (instead of the default Playlists view) is a full directory of videos.  They are all there.  I’ve tried to fix the playlists by breaking them up by month.  If a video is missing try the other tab.
  • To Do:  In class on Wednesday we gave three “properties” of the definition of “same cardinality” that I labelled “Reflexivity”, “Symmetry” and “Transitivity”.  Review the video/notes and then attempt a proof of Symmetry and a proof of Transitivity (I did Reflexivity in class).  Hand in on canvas.