Due Friday November 6th

For Fri:

  • To know:  I’ll be putting up the other functions badges tonight, as well as some repeats on older ones (notably the two proofs badges); make sure you take a crack at all of them.  I’ll also open up some oral exams, so please schedule those with me if you’d like.
  • To Do:  I ended Wednesday’s class with some sets you are familiar with, and I’d like you to try to come up with bijections between some of them, to show they are the same cardinality.  Bring your bright ideas to class.  To hand in on canvas:  whatever thoughts you have on this, e.g. some bijections or some ideas that didn’t work, etc.  (It’s a gently-graded daily post, since I want to give a bit of a break this week, but do hand in something thoughtful.)