Due Monday October 26

Due Mon:

  • To Know:  There’s a proof quiz due Monday.
  • To Know:  Canvas is not doing a great job at estimating grades, because of our unusual grading system.  Please keep in mind the grade it shows you is not very accurate.  You can always refer to the formulas/info on the website and compute where you actually stand.
  • To Do:  Finish the second proof (continuity) example we did in class today.  We did all the warm-up and discussion and scratch work in class, but didn’t write the proof (class ended).  The theorem is:  The function f(x) = x^2 is continuous at x=0.  Hand this in on the daily canvas dropbox.
  • Read (actively) Section 13.7 on Convergence of Sequences.  This may help with the proof quiz due Monday also.  Note: the textbook treats continuity a little differently than I did in class today; just a different perspective.