Due Wednesday, September 30

Due Wed:

  • To Do:  Here are solutions to Proof Quiz #2.  Please (1) open up your quiz comments on canvas and view the annotations I’ve added to your proofs, and (2) watch the video guide to the solutions I gave (it is on canvas under “Media Gallery > Other…” playlist).
  • To Do:  Watch this YouTube Video showing how graph theory can be used to solve Instant Insanity.  It’s pretty involved, and I’m not going to quiz you on the details, but it will give you an idea of its uses.
  • Note:  Here are the combinatorial proof problems and some solutions.  Check them out.
  • To Do:  Read Section 3.7 and if time permits, try a couple of the problems.  Hand in some problems if you managed; otherwise just drop a note on how you spent your time.