Due Monday September 14th

Due Monday:

  • To Know:  No proof quiz due Monday.  We are still ramping up to full speed with regard to proofs.
  • To Know:  Thanks for your feedback on the feedback survey.  I read these carefully and consider all your suggestions and really try to see if I can implement changes.  I can’t always, but I try!
  • To Do:  Practice proofs from the book:  Chapter 4 Exercises 1-5 are similar to the proofs we’ve discussed in some detail so far.  (If needed, read again Section 4.2 the first few pages.  Also, recall there are odd-numbered answers in the back.)
  • To Do:  Read Section 1.2 and do its exercises; this is practice on Cartesian products.
  • Hand in exercises to the daily dropbox on canvas.
  • If time remains, read a little further in Chapter 4 (it begins to discuss some examples with the notion of “divides”).