Due Friday, August 28th

Due Friday:

  • Read my blog post on reading mathematics actively.
  • Read the text Hammack, Section 1.1, from the beginning until we get to set builder notation.  This is material we covered in class.  Read actively!  (The text is available as PDF; link at the upper left of your screen.)
  • What we have covered in class today pretty much covers the topics for the badge “Sets I”.  Recall that you have several attempts to earn “badges” (=”certificates of mastery”) (see The System and Grading).  You might as well give it a go and try the first one after you finish your daily task today!  It cannot count against you.  Your grade is made out of your best scores on each badge.  You have four attempts total.
  • The first attempt is open on canvas “Sets I Written #1” meaning attempt #1 in written form to earn the badge “Sets I”.  The honor code rules are given in the assignment, which you can download and read carefully.  It is a written assessment on your own time, due Friday at 11:59 pm.  You can print and fill it or use a separate sheet of paper.  You will have 3 other chances (two written, one an oral exam) for this badge.  So doing this isn’t part of your daily task, but I suggest you do it before the first due date Friday at 11:59 pm.
  • Now, keep reading to the end of Section 1.1.  This will be new material we didn’t get to during class today.  All the more important: read actively!
  • Do a handful (say 4-5) of Exercises for Section 1.1 from each of the three sections A, B and C.  Note that this book has answers to odd numbers at the back.  These exercises deal with material you’ve only learned in the reading.  We will also cover it in class, so this is just a first attempt or first pass.  Math takes many passes.  Hand in a photo of your work to the canvas dropbox for a completion check.