Due Wednesday, August 26th

For Wednesday:

  • If you have not already, then view the welcome video for the course, and the discord intro video (both available on the main landing page in canvas), and get set up on discord.
  • Read through Classroom Expectations in detail.  Make sure you are set up technologically and contact me with any concerns.  In particular, I’m hoping everyone will find discord useful.
  • On the discord text channel #polyhedron-exploration (in Category DISCUSSION TOPICS), post a sentence or two describing what insight you gained from Monday’s class.
  • Write me a note!  I have set up an assignment in canvas where you can share a quick description of where you are coming from mathematically (what’s your relationship to math?) and your hopes and fears for the course (do you expect any particular challenges?).  This is your opportunity to let me know anything you think will be important for me to know during semester.  It will help me prepare a better course!