Hi all!

First, thank you all for a wonderful semester.  I really enjoyed having you all as students.  Thank you for your interesting presentations and great questions and ideas throughout the semester.  I learned a lot.

A few final reminders:

  • Your grades are now complete for the semester in canvas.  The number-to-letter conversion is now set to match my expected conversion.  I may adjust this slightly, but I have promised not to make it harsher, only kinder.
  • The final proof quiz or other left over work can be picked up in my office hours.
  • Office hours are expanded:
    • Thursday 12:30-2 pm
    • Friday noon-2 pm
    • no office hours on the weekend
    • you can earn one badge this week in office hours (come prepared)
  • The final exam will resemble 1/2 badges quizzes (short answer questions) and 1/2 proof quizzes.  Studying from these materials throughout semester is your best preparation.
  • Here’s what we covered in depth in Hammack:
    • Sets: 1.1-1.6
    • Logic: 2.1-2.10
    • Counting: 3.1-3.4
    • Direct Proof: 4.1-4.5
    • Contrapositive Proof: 5.1-5.3
    • Proof by Contradiction: 6.1-6.4
    • Non-Conditional Proof: 7.1, 7.3-7.4
    • Proofs involving Sets: 8.1-8.3
    • Disproof: 9.1-9.3
    • Induction: 10.1-10.3
    • Relations: 11.1-11.5
    • Functions: 12.1-12.6
    • Cardinality of Sets: 13.1-13.3
    • The sections not listed above are also included in the class in a weak sense, but we did not study them in detail.  In other words, a few points on the final exam may be given for very complete reading of the textbook, including these sections, or I may draw novel examples from these sections (sometimes synthesis badges were inspired by these sections).
    • We also covered some topics that don’t appear in Hammack, most notably graph theory, and lots of interesting examples for induction, etc.  So please also review your class notes and handouts.
    • Finally, since I was asked, nothing about elliptic curves will be on the exam.
  • The final exam is in our regular room.  This information should show in your and also via the registrar’s list of times.  It is:
    • Section 001:  Saturday May 5, 4:30 pm.
    • Section 002:  Sunday May 6, 1:30 pm.
  • I wish you a wonderful summer.  Check out the links in Fun, and be in touch down the road to let me know where you’ve ended up.