Monday, April 30th

For Monday:

  • Revisit the Combinatorial Proof Worksheet and try to do the next two problems (so, 1-4 at least).  Solutions to 1 and 2 are available here.
  • Study counting by doing Hammack’s exercises in Sections 3.1-3.3, completing any you haven’t yet done.
  • Campus FCQs had some error and questions changed on Tuesday.  Please log in and make sure your FCQs are the way you want them:  I greatly appreciate your feedback.
  • Monday there will be a badges quiz (same badges as last time).
  • Wednesday there will be a final proof quiz on Combinatorial Proof.
  • Next week you can earn a badge in office hour.  There will be office hours at least 1-2 pm on Wed and Thur.  I can expand these as needed; please email.
  • I was missing a few presentations in canvas and these are being added in.  There is still an opportunity to present if you wish.  See Grading for info on how grading is computed.  Currently canvas is not correctly computing grades.
  • The Association for Women in Mathematics, CU Boulder Chapter, is hosting a study session Thursday, May 3, 5-7pm in ECCR 135. This study session is primarily aimed at undergraduates, graduate students are welcome to come, enjoy some free pizza and snacks, and talk to/get help from other graduate students in preparing for your final exams.