Friday, April 27th

Reminders and announcements:

  • Office hours this week are Thursday 12:30-2:30 and Friday 1-2.  Remember you can earn a badge in office hour, by preparing as described in this old post.
  • The last badges quiz is Monday.  Plan which ones you will study for.  All information is updated in canvas.
  • Groupwork is due Friday.  I’m posting some example combinatorial proofs here.
  • You can present on Friday if you wish.  I have posted my records of presentations/scribing/assignments for your participation grade on canvas.  Out of concern for sufficient remaining time for presentations, I’m dropping one of the 6 requirements for the grade.  See Grading.
  • See the last post for grading changes and quiz schedule changes, as well as exam times.
  • Please complete your online FCQs.  I read these very carefully and reflect on all your feedback.  The department and university also use these to evaluate faculty.  They really do have an impact, so I very much appreciate your thoughtful responses.

For Friday: