Wednesday, April 25th

Late note:

My apologies, but I have to move today’s (Wednesday’s) 1-2 pm office hour to Friday 1-2 pm.  I am also expanding Thursday’s office hour.  Please email me if you need to set up a separate time.  Just to confirm, this week I have office hour:

Thursday 12:30-2:30 pm
Friday 1-2 pm

My apologies about this.

For Wednesday:

  • I will administer online FCQs on Wednesday.  I’ll set aside 10 minutes at the end of class for you to log in and fill out FCQs on your phone, tablet or computer (I will leave the room).  FCQs are very important and I strongly encourage you to fill them out.  I use them to improve my teaching, and my department and university use them to evaluate me as a faculty member.  If you miss class, you can also fill them out anytime at
  • Note the grading changes below.  I have been careful to make sure these do not penalize you for my miscalculation; please contact me if needed.
  • Revisit the homework from the last daily post if you have not finished it.
  • Read Hammack, Section 3.3.  Try Exercises 1-5.
  • Recall the definition 3.2 on page 74 of Hammack, of “n choose k”.  Try to write a combinatorial proof that (n choose k) is the same as (n choose (n-k)).  Don’t write this as an algebraic proof (it is possible to prove it by writing out both formulas as in Fact 3.3).  Instead, explain why both quantities count the same thing, and must therefore be equal.
  • There are a lot of useful things in the last daily post:  review it (exam schedule, info on badges in office hour, consider presenting this week, etc.)

Important Grading Changes:  I miscalculated and didn’t realize we are missing one last friday.  Here are the adjustments:

  • There will be only one more proof quiz, on Wednesday May 2nd.  Your grade will be best 7 of your 13 efforts, overall.
  • This week’s group assignment is the last assignment.  For participation, your 5% presentation/participation/groupwork grade in the class will be based on 6 items instead of 7:  if you present at least 2 times, and scribe at least 2 times for a group, and hand in at least 2 decent efforts at the individual works on canvas.  (Your grade will otherwise be proportional to how many of the 6 tasks above you have done decently.)
  • These adjustments are now changed in the Grading page.