Monday, April 23rd

Have a great weekend, all!

For Monday:

  • Return to the Counting Worksheet and work on 1-12 if you aren’t sure about your answers yet.  We’ll finish taking this up (and badges quiz questions) in class Monday.
  • To help with Counting, check out Hammack, Examples 3.2 and 3.3.  You can read Chapter 3 as needed to work up to these examples.
  • Try the following problems from Hammack:  Section 3.1, 2,4,5,7; and Section 3.2, 3,7,8.
  • Be aware this coming week is the last groupwork week.  It will be posted soon.
  • The Monday badges quiz will include everything except Sets, Logic and Proofs.  In other words, it will be Counting, Relations, Functions, Modular Arithmetic and Synthesis.
  • Next week’s Friday Proof Quiz will be a Combinatorial Proof (count something two different ways to prove a formula).
  • We will focus on Counting and Combinatorial Proof all next week.
  • You may earn one badge in office hour next week (any badges except Synthesis).  This is an excellent way to help your grade!  Please prepare as described in the original post.  Tip:  choose a badge you are having trouble getting full credit on, or is no longer on the quiz.  You can check which badges you have on canvas.  You can schedule a time (email me) if the regular hours aren’t good for you.
  • Here’s your final exam schedule.