Monday, April 16th

For Monday:

  • Please read Hammack, Section 11, up to the end of 11.3.  This is review of all we have covered about relations.
  • Please read Hammack, Section 11.4, The Integers Modulo n.  Do Exercises 1–8.
  • Badges quiz:  Last chance for Logic and Proofs badges.  Any badges can be earned in office hour.  I will also add Modular Arithmetic badge, and Counting Badges (these are the only ones remaining).  The Counting Badges are certainly premature:  we may or may not start that topic on Monday.  But if you want to try them out, Chapter 3 of Hammack is the place to start.  There are only three more badges quizzes.
  • Meanwhile, I suggest you use the weekend to review anything that needs reviewing to bring your badges score up.  Hammack has exercises with solutions in the back which are very good preparation — just look up the relevant topic.
  • Be aware there will be an individual work due Friday; it has been posted.
  • The grading change to the 5% participation score (as described in this post) has been updated in the “Grading” tab above.