Friday April 13th

For Friday:

  • Presentation day.  You can present any proofs that you wish, including proofs from group work or individual work.  The requirement is only that it be mathematically interesting and pertinent to the class.  Even if you have presented twice, you can volunteer, but those needing presentation credit will be given priority.  If you want to present something, it helps if you email me so I can get the computer set up ahead of time with the correct things (but it’s not strictly required).
  • I will now open office hour badges to any badges you want to earn, whether they are active on the in-class quizzes or not.  One per week.
  • I will ask you to prove something with functions in the abstract.  To study, I suggest you read the handouts about function having an inverse if and only if it is bijective (with slots, and filled).  The type of problems I may ask are similar to that, so study those carefully.