Wednesday, March 7th

To do for Wednesday:

  • Please fill out your Proof by Contrapositive Setup Sheet, and your Proof by Induction Setup Sheet.  We will take them up in class.
  • Finish the weekend’s homework, if you didn’t have time to.
  • Read Hammack, Section 2.7, and do the odd exercises and compare to the back.
  • Read Hammack, Section 2.9, and do the odd exercises and compare to the back.
  • Correction:  In one of the classes, I called both symbols “universal quantifiers”.  That’s incorrect.  The “for all” symbol is a universal quantifier, and the “there exists” is an existential quantifier.  To cheer you up.
  • If you missed last monday/wednesday’s induction lectures, here is a quick summary:  PDF Presentation of Trees having n-1 edges and accompanying video.
  • Consider coming to office hour to earn a missing sets badge.  The current hours (although they don’t generally change) are listed under “About” on the navigation bar above.  Below is more information on this opportunity.

HOW TO EARN a Sets Badge in Office Hour:

  • You may earn a missing sets badge (maximum one per week) by coming to office hour (you can email if the regular times don’t work) and doing the following:
    • Arrive with a one-page study guide to the content of the relevant badge.  This should include definitions of the relevant terms, and examples and non-examples, as well as a list of tricky confusions and their resolutions.  You have freedom of design, but I want to see a solid effort to master and present the material, not a scribbled summary.  (You can write it by hand if you can produce something as tidy and organized as LaTeX.)
    • In office hour, after discussing the study guide and any clarifications needed, I will assign you a tricky badges problem, and you will solve it on the board or at the desk in front of me.
    • If you do these things well, you will earn your missing badge.