Monday, March 5th

Over the weekend, please:

  • Late addition:  you can now find notes and video of my introduction to induction.
  • Read about Induction in Hammack, pages 154-164.  Read actively, as always.
  • There are lots of induction exercises in Hammack, Chapter 10 (page 169-171).  The answers to odd ones are in the back of the book.  Please do as many of these as you need to feel you are mastering the skill.  For example, 1, 3, 5, 13, 17.
  • Recall our group work theorem:  The complete graph on n vertices has (1/2)*n*(n-1) edges.  Write a nice proof by induction for yourself (it is possible your group did this; if so, write it for yourself again, without reference to your groupwork — the purpose of any exercise is the engagement with the process).
  • Study for Monday’s badges quiz as needed.  It will include all the Logic and Proofs badges.  In particular, Proofs III is setting up a proof by induction — we’ll practice in class on Monday.
  • Note: this is potentially a decent amount of work.  Do several hours over the weekend and if you don’t finish all this, come back to it during the week to finish.
  • Look ahead: We’ll have a proof by induction on our next Friday quiz.  During the week we will spend more time on induction, and possibly some other topics.
  • A few induction-related webcomics:  here and here.