Remote Structure

If you have technological problems (e.g. can’t access internet well), please contact me as soon as possible to discuss.  If you have any concerns about keeping up with the course, contact me for help.

Here’s how we work remotely:

  • Lecture -> Daily Post -> repeat. This will continue on the regular schedule, although you may work asynchronously, falling behind and catching up, as long as you are progressing.
    • Lectures.  The Zoom lecture can be done asynchronously.  See Media Gallery in Canvas for lectures and Blackboard Gallery for pics.  The “Lectures” page above will have all relevant links/handouts.
    • Daily Post.  There will still be one between each lecture with assigned readings/exercises etc. to help you get the most out of your study and lecture time.
  • Weekly Quizzes.  Each week, these will be open for you to attempt during the week on Canvas.  The first week’s assignments will appear gradually over spring break but be due the Friday ending the first spring break week (April 3).
    • Badges Quizzes.  Each week I will have a batch of Badges Quizzes open in Canvas.  Each quiz is one badge.  You should study for a badge before taking the quiz, and then attempt that badge.  The quiz lasts 10 minutes, but can be taken any time during the week.  After the week is up, answers will be released.  I will also allow the “office-hour” make-up badge system for any badges, one per week, via canvas (see this post for a description, or the instructions on Canvas).
    • Proof Quizzes.  These will be assigned each week, essentially as written assignments.  You will have all week to do it and upload it to Canvas under the appropriate Assignment (LaTeX or handwritten is fine).
    • Office Hours.  Since I am balancing teaching and childcare in the age of coronavirus, I am making office hours Mondays after the zoom lecture (you can just stay online), or on request.  You should email me if you’d like to have a zoom office hour, and we can set a time and announce it to the class.  My availability is unfortunately limited, but I will do my best.
  • Academic Honesty.  Please pay attention to the rules for Badges Quizzes and Proof Quizzes, which will be posted with the assignments/quizzes.  You may not use any resources while you complete these.  To help ensure integrity, I will be making one grading policy:
    • For proof quizzes, I will drop a maximum of three of your pre-coronavirus grades.  That means at least three of them will count toward your final grade.


Professor Katherine Stange, Spring 2018