Office Hours

As this course is remote, there will be a variety of ways to contact me that will replace traditional in-person office hours.

  • There will be a course discussion board of some type, where I will answer questions at all possible hours via text messages (I do sleep like a normal person, though).  I encourage the use of this as all students can see responses (you can ask privately if you wish the question to be anonymous to your peers).
  • I will be on email with regularity, although somewhat less regularity than the discussion board.
  • I will hold designated “office hours” at three hours per week, TBA.  These will be shared between my two undergraduate courses.  They will be held on the discussion board, where students can chat to request video.  In other words, I won’t sit with zoom open waiting for students; but I’ll be ready to turn it on when students arrive, and I’ll show my status on the discussion board.  The discussion board can serve as a waiting room and/or a means to coordinate.