Due Wednesday October 28th

For Wed:

  • To Know:  Please keep an eye on oral exams if you are eligible.  In particular, Counting II is this week if you’d like to schedule it.  Reminder that you need to have at least attempted two of the written attempts to be eligible for the oral exam.
  • To Know:  The book introduces functions in Section 12.1, but does them in terms of relations, which I don’t like.  So you might want to skip that chapter.
  • To Know:  I’ve made videos with solutions to Quizzes 4 and 5 (available on canvas).  Here are PDFs of Soln Quiz 4 and Soln Quiz 5.
  • To Do:  Open up your proof quiz 4 and 5 in canvas where you can see my comments and view the solution video (available on canvas).  Contact me with any lingering questions.
  • To Do:  Read Section 12.2 (actively as always!).  Do Exercises 1-4 and hand in on canvas.