Due Friday, October 23rd


  • To Know:  More badges will be posted soon, and a new proof.  Badges due Friday, proof due Monday.  Check canvas for dates on oral exams as needed.
  • To Know:  I got slightly behind on grading proofs; apologies and I’ll be back at it shortly.
  • To Do:  Check over your logic badges and contact me on discord to double check your errors and correct responses.
  • To Do:
    • Revisit the proof we did in class about an irrational between two rationals.  Use the recipe of the proof itself to find an irrational between 110 and 113.   Write up a proof that the number you get is in the range given (it will look a lot like the general proof, but with these two numbers).
    • Prove that there exists a real number x such that x^6 = e^x.  (Hint: Monday’s lecture).
    • Spend more time on Chapter 6, doing at least 2 new exercises.
    • Hand in all three things.