Due Monday, October 19th

Due Mon:

  • Reminders:  The logic badges are open now, and from now on, in order to qualify to take the oral exam, you must make a good faith effort on at least two of the written attempts.  If you earn 2/2 on any attempt (written or oral) you’ve earned the badge and you need do nothing more.  If not, keep trying!
  • Reminder:  There’s a proof due on Monday as usual.  This one is a proof by contradiction.
  • To Do: Take this one-question anonymous survey please.  It will help direct me in dealing with groupwork.
  • To Do:  In class we started on a contradiction worksheet.  Please go through this worksheet and make sure you “set up” for a proof for contradiction for each puzzle.  That means, explain what you will “assume for a contradiction”.  Hand this in on canvas.
  • As time permits, continue to think about these puzzles and how to reach a contradiction once you have “set up” the beginning of the proof.  I will give solutions in class, and you’ll get the most out of it (and enjoy it all the more) if you’ve struggled with them and tried to find answers, even if you haven’t actually succeeded on all of them.