Due Wednesday, October 14th

Due Wed:

  • IMPORTANT:  I’m instituting a policy that you must attempt at least 2 of the 3 written attempts for a badge to be eligible for an oral exam for that badge.  The oral exams are not meant to be a substitute for the written work, they are meant to help work out the bugs after you’ve put in the hard work.  Note: if you want a one-time exemption for this because this is a new policy and you didn’t anticipate it, drop me an email.  But you must do the written badges from now on to have an attempt at an oral exam.
  • To know:  Oral exams for Sets II and IV are open, and for Counting I.
  • To know:  The rest of the logic badges will open up this week.
  • To Do: Read Section 2.9 and do about 6 of the exercises.
  • To Do: Read Section 2.10 and do all the exercises.
  • To Do:  Finish both the Negation Worksheet and the Quantifiers-Negation worksheet if you didn’t in class.
  • Note:  This may take more than an hour.  Find time to do the rest when you can; if you need to hand in the daily before you are done, just hand in at least a dozen exercises total.
  • Final Note: There’s a Math Club at CU that hosts talks.  Here’s the website (I’m speaking Tue morning) http://math.colorado.edu/mathclub/.