Due Wednesday, October 7th:

Due Wed:

  • To Know:  Soon more badges and a proof quiz will appear.  Don’t forget about doing your Sets III oral exam if you didn’t already earn 2/2 on one of the written versions!  It’s not required (I’m not going to chase you) but your grade is based on the number of badges you earn.
  • Do as much of the LaTeX’ing as you find useful from the worksheet from class today.  Ask me if you have any questions.  I’m not going to grade you on LaTeX but I strongly encourage you to try it for your proof quizzes!  Next time I’ll include the LaTeX source from the proof quiz so you can use that as a template to start with.
  • Here are solutions to the Proof Quiz #3.
  • Read Section 2.4 and 2.6 from the text, and do at least six of the 2.6 Exercises Part A.
  • To Know:  Some of you have been slacking a bit on the daily tasks, and the grader asked me about it; I’m going to tell him to be a little more rigorous in his expectations.