Due Friday, October 2nd

Due Fri:

  • To Know:  Lots of sets badges available for Friday!  Work hard on them — once you get perfect on a badge, you have earned it and don’t need to repeat.  Very soon I will post a proof to be due Monday also.  The Sets III badge is open for the “Oral Exam” — arrange with me or show up at office hour with your study sheet according to the instructions in the Grading page.
  • Graphs are everywhere!  Here’s a Pokemon Type Chart, Graph of Thrones, Relationships between diseases, Statistics of Pi (scroll to the third pic).  It’s one the principal methods of modern big data visualization.
  • If you like, read more about the Sudoku graph.
  • For a daily task for today, find me a cool graph on the internet related to something you find interesting.  Just submit an interesting link on the daily post dropbox.
  • Also, think about what the “Truth Tables” should be for OR and NOT (the question I ended class with).
  • You have a lot of sets badges due Friday, so with the rest of your time just prepare and/or work on those.