Due Wednesday, September 23

Due Wed:

  • To Know:  More badges quizzes are always appearing.  Reminder that Thursday is the last day for the oral exam for Sets I.
  • To hand in on canvas:
    • Explain how many ways you can order 12 different dogs in a row, and why (in terms of multiplication principle).
    • Explain how many ways you can choose a subset of exactly 4 dogs from the 12 different dogs, in terms of multiplication principle and overcounting.  Explain every part of the formula from first principles (don’t just say “it’s a binomial coefficient” or “use the formula for subsets” — I want the _why_.  Review the class video if needed.)
    • With what time remains, do Exercises for Section 3.2, starting at the beginning, working until your hour is up.  You may find you wish to read some of the text Section 3.2 to support your work, although we have covered the basic strategies you need for these problems.  Check your answers in the back (for odds) as you go and self-correct.