Due Monday, September 21st

Due Monday:

  • To Know:
      • Friday nights Sets badges are due.
      • Monday the 21st there’s a Proof Quiz due.
      • You have until Thursday the 24th office hour to do the Sets I oral exam if needed.
      • If groupwork continues to the end of class, I’ll make a “broadcast” announcement at the end of class, because sometimes I’m still helping students.  I won’t always pull the groups back to the main room.  Feel free to politely log out at the appointed hour.
      • I’ve noticed a few students “running away” when we transition to groupwork.  The material covered in groupwork is important, so I urge you not to, but it is your choice.  I am aware of who it is, so no need to do it covertly.  Instead, I appreciate if you do it immediately, before I set up the breakout rooms, because if you wait to do it, then the breakout rooms end up populated unevenly and it’s a pain to fix.
  • To Do:  Write up solutions to the Counting Worksheet, problems 1-6.  For each problem, give the solution in the following format:
      • Explain the “process” of creating a burrito, picking a team, committee, or whatever is appropriate.  What are the sub-tasks?
      • Give the solution by reference to this “process” description.  If you use multiplication principle, label each number you are multiplying by the corresponding sub-task.
      • Hint:  for problem 5, choose the chair before the remainder of the committee.
  • Hand these in on canvas.
  • When time permits:  Read Section 1.7 and do some exercises.  This concludes the Sets II material and that badge will open shortly.