Due Friday, September 18th

Due Friday:

  • IMPORTANT:  You task for today is to do some independent reading.  This is important — I’m asking you to cover this new material using the textbook independently (I won’t also lecture it from scratch in class).  So view it as building skills in reading mathematics actively and study skills.  That being said, I’m going to be available on discord etc. and will happily read with you if you want to bring questions and discuss.  My goal is to teach you math study skills (teach a man to fish, you know?).  So talk with me individually to get advice and help as you do this.  Everything I assign during daily posts is considered part of the class and I will expect you to know this material.
  • The relevant section to read is Section 1.5 and 1.6 (they are each just over a page).  Please read actively, learn the material, and do exercises for at least the hour.
  • To hand in:  some of the exercises and/or any study notes you created for yourself.
  • To know:  There are sets badges Sets III and Sets IV open and due on Friday.
  • To know:  There’s a proof quiz due on Monday.
  • To know:  Sets I has run through its three written evaluations.  If you didn’t earn 2/2 on at least one of these, then you have not yet earned the badge.  You have one more opportunity, which is an oral exam with me.  I’ve just added detailed instructions for preparing for this (you must come with a prepared study sheet), under “Grading” above.  Arrange with me individually, or just show up at office hours to do it.  But show up prepared — if I don’t like your study sheet, you won’t earn the badge.  I’ve opened an “oral exam” assignment on canvas, which gives me a place to put the grade, but doesn’t have a submission (I just enter the grade).  But the deadline listed on canvas is a real deadline (you can’t leave this to the end of semester).  For Sets I the due date is the end of office hours on Thursday Sept 24th.  But don’t all crowd into those office hours, or I won’t be able to do them all.  Find a time between now and then.