Due Wednesday, September 16th

Due Wednesday:

  • To Know:  Please use PDF, PNG or JPG formats to upload files to canvas dropboxes.  Don’t ZIP or compress files.  Multiple files are fine.  Please make sure they are readable.  There are apps like CamScanner that turn photos into nice high-contrast PDFs.
  • To Know:  I will post more badges and a proof quiz in the next day or so.
  • To Do:  Log in to canvas and check on all the feedback/comments on all of your assignments so far.   If you don’t understand anything on them, please ask me on discord (or email), and I’m always happy to meet with students online.
  • To Do: If you got less than 7/8 on the first proof quiz, please take a look at my video format solution to the quiz, available under “Media Gallery” on canvas.
  • To Do:  Read Section 1.4 and do as many exercises as are appropriate for you from that section (i.e. keep doing them until you find them boring).  Hand in a page’s worth of these exercises.
  • To Do: Read Section 3.2 in the book, up to the end of Example 3.2, about the Multiplication Principle.  This is described in terms of lists in this book instead of in terms of tasks, but you should be able to see the connection.