Due Wednesday, September 9th

Due Wednesday:

  • To Know:  Don’t forget that the first Proof Quiz is available and due on Wednesday.  Don’t worry too much if you feel a little lost on how to write a proof so early in semester — we all have to start from somewhere.  There’s a lot to learn from the attempt.  And I will drop half your proof grades, so this is just a practice run.
  • To Know:  I will soon be opening up Sets III (Set-Builder Notation) there’ll be a third written attempt at Sets I.  Remember these are due Fridays.
  • To Do:  Fill out my early feedback survey for the course.
  • To Do: Please read Section 4.2 in the book.  Remember to read actively.  This section is about things you know — like what it means to be even, odd, or for one integer to divide another.  But it’s an exercise in formalizing these things, and choosing language for them.
  • To Do: Please read Section 1.3 in the book (read actively as always!).  This is about subsets, which we’ve already studied, but it will give you an opportunity to practice some more.  It also introduces the idea of systematically listing all the possible subsets of something.  Do the exercises.
  • As far as the canvas dropbox, you can hand in the exercises from Section 1.3.