Due Friday, September 4th

Due Friday:

  • Be aware that there’s another attempt at the Sets 1 badges available (written attempt #2), due Friday.  This cannot lower your grade, so please attempt it if you feel you’d like a chance to raise your grade, or just extra practice.
  • Be aware that later today (Wednesday) I will post a first Proof Quiz, due Monday.  Remember, I use the best half of your grades throughout semester, so just give it a try as your first chance to get some concrete feedback from me on a written proof.
  • In class, we introduced set-builder notation.  Do Exercises for Section 1.1, A and B.
  • Solve the Sandbox problem (as we discussed in class) for 8 and 10 gallon scoops.  Write up a proof that you like, drawing from the best aspects of the proofs I gave in class (click History above for resources, and see videos on Canvas).
  • Hand in a picture of your daily work on canvas for a completion check (exercises and sandbox problem).