Due Wednesday, September 2nd

Due Wednesday:

  • Please note:  I grade the daily tasks on participation.  If you have spent your hour working hard, and you’re not totally done the tasks, then hand in what you have and make a note to that effect.  That’s fine!  Sometimes things may take longer than I expect; you can come back to them when you have other study time.  (From now on, late receives 0 on daily posts, however.)
  • View the Sandbox problem notes (these include some conclusions from class, and some further discussion to get you started).  In class, in groups, we tried to write proofs of this theorem.  Starting from that experience/discussion, please try to write up a proof of your own.
  • Please read this interesting opinion piece about teaching mathematics.  I’m curious of your reactions.
  • Please watch this very cool Numberphile video about square root of 2.  Pause, rewind, decipher his crazy accent, and figure out the proof he gives that square root of 2 isn’t rational (isn’t a ratio of integers).  Then write it up in your own words.  Your proof should contain complete sentences.  It should not be a transcript of the video.  It should be your own explanation of why it works.  You may find you want to use the same equations he’s used; that’s fine.  But make it your best written english essay as to why sqrt(2) is irrational.
  • Hand in both these proofs (the Sandbox and Sqrt(2)) on the canvas dropbox.