Due Monday, August 31st

Due Monday:

  • Revisit the reading of Section 1.1.  Read from the page 5 sentence “A special notation called set-builder notation…” until the end of Section 1.1.  Read with careful attention to your mental process, and take note of 3 specific mental activities you did.  Choose mental activities that occurred at or after the sentence “In general, a set X written with set-builder…” (i.e. not the same sentences we read in class).  Be as specific as possible, i.e. give the sentence you are working on, and describe explicitly what you did as an active reading mental activity at that point.  Jot these down and submit them to the canvas dropbox Due Aug 31.
  • Revisit the worksheet from class and make sure you are comfortable with all the answers, and have completed it if you didn’t in class.
  • Read Chapter 4 from the beginning to the end of Section 4.1.  Don’t forget to read actively!