For Monday, Apr 27

For Monday:

  • Please click here for info on the final examThe final exam is takehome during the full exam period.
  • Please know that you can do one-on-one badges via zoom or canvas to catch up the badges you missed (working with me individually to earn your badge).  Anything except Synthesis!  Email me.
  • Over the weekend I will post one more round of online quiz badges.  I will try to grade them nightly, so you can find out right away if you need to do a one-on-one badge.  They will be due Thursday night.  One-on-one badges will also end Thursday night.
  • Your semester grade finishes Thursday night and I will try to process and post it officially Friday.
  • Please watch my video giving an example and intuition for proof by induction.
  • Use the rest of your time for studying and review.  Email me for office hours!  I’m here for you.