For Wednesday, April 22, 2020

For Wednesday:

  • Most of you had a comment on your Proof Quiz #9 about Right-Side-Left-Side proofs.  Watch the short video by the same title on canvas to understand my comments and why you should avoid them.  Here’s a PDF that discusses the same issue.
  • Check in with your grades.  There are two weeks remaining, which means two proof quizzes and two rounds of badges.  Right now Canvas is computing your estimated grade the following way:  25% proof writing (4 dropped), 25% proof logic (4 dropped), and 50% badges (excluding 4 which haven’t been graded yet: relations, modular arithmetic, induction).  This is for estimation purposes only!  It’s meant to give you the best estimate of your final grade in the class at this time.  I’ve also updated the percentage -> letter conversion to match what I’ve done historically, so the letter is also predictive now.  Contact me if you are worried.  For the details about how the final grade is actually calculated, see “Grading” on the course website.
  • I will take special requests for extra online opportunities and you can also do one-on-one badges, which are a great way to earn that stubborn leftover one — there’s no limit on one-on-one badges, and they can now be anything except Synthesis.
  • We have now covered the material in Hammack, Chapter 11 up to the end of 11.5.  Please read and do selected exercises here.
  • See the Final Exam Info.
  • Online FCQs are open, and although they are altered this year (for example, I think they won’t be available online), this is still very useful feedback, especially about the online aspects!  I would value your input.  Please take a moment to do them.  (Close: Monday, April 27 at 11:59 p.m. MT)