For Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

For Wednesday:

  • Induction practice!  Read Hammack, Chapter 10 up to the end of 10.2.  Do Exercises selected from 1-15 for this chapter.
  • To practice for the Proofs III badge (induction), there’s this worksheet and its solutions.
  • Now, do you really understand induction?  Click this link for some erroneous induction proofs (outside link).  See if you can figure out what’s wrong with each of these!  We discussed #2 in lecture.
  • On Monday, we discussed proof by smallest counterexample; read Chapter 10.3 for more on this.  This is a smaller topic, but it’s a good one.  Revisit a couple of the Exercises above and re-prove them with smallest counterexample.
  • About Badges and Canvas Grading:
    • I’m trying to imitate the badges/proofs system we had before, but I’ve broken each badge into its own quiz.  Study for one badge at a time, then take that badge quiz and see if you can earn it.  Each one is graded out of 2, as it was in class (i.e. 2 = full credit, 1 = half credit, 0 = no credit).  Proof quizzes are graded on the same old rubric.
    • The “Online Badges Quizzes” and “Online Proof Quizzes” categories don’t count into your calculated grade on canvas.  They are just containers for the quizzes.  I will manually port over your earned badges into the “Badges” and “Proof Quizzes” part of your grades, as I did in class before the pandemic.  Those are the categories that count.
    • The calculated grade in canvas is an approximation to your final grade only.  The bottom line is I will follow the grading policies stated on  I can’t teach canvas to do the dropping correctly mid-semester, for example.  Contact me if you have any concerns or questions, and take canvas’ grade with a grain of salt.
    • If you can’t make a deadlines, or missed them, don’t read the solutions and do contact me.  I care more about you getting chances to earn your badge than I do about deadlines.  The deadlines are there to help keep you on track and make grading easier, and to release solutions on a schedule.  So talk to me.