For Monday, April 13th, 2020

For Monday:

  • Everyone:  write me an email with a quick (3 sentences) check-in.  Let me know where you are with the course.  I want to know how you’re doing, how I can help, and whether you foresee a problem.  Participation has dropped off, and for those not participating, I’m concerned about you passing the course.  I’ve essentially frozen the participation grade in the course, given circumstances, but I’m going to count this one, because it’s important, and I need to know how you are all doing.
  • Practice setting up induction using this induction worksheet.  This is practice for the Proofs III badge.
  • I will put up more synthesis badges (with later due dates) and I’ll extend the due date for the proofs quiz to Monday, as I would still like to get a chance to grade your last proofs quiz before you hand this one in.  If you handed it in and then, after some time, realize you want to update it, you can do it again and hand in the newer one.  I’ll grade the newest one on the due date.
  • I want you all to have chances to earn your badges.  I will stop making canvas quiz versions of Sets, Logic and Proofs I/II, but you can now earn these on canvas asynchronously (“One-on-One Badge” VoiceThread assignment in canvas), or by arranging a one-on-one zoom call.  Email me to arrange such a thing, or, if you try the VoiceThread, please email me to let me know.  I haven’t used VoiceThread before, so it’s a bit of an experiment for the first person to give this a try!  I appreciate your willingness.