For Monday, March 30th (with Spring Break Update)

The Spring Break Post

  • I hope you’re all hanging in there!
  • Read my post on remote learning.
  • Read the page “Remote Structure” in the menu above for my planned structure for the rest of the course.  Read in detail!
  • Over the course of spring break, please study and attempt Badges Quizzes as they appear in Canvas (they will gradually begin to appear over break).  Each quiz is one badge, so study that badge, and then set aside 10 minutes for the quiz when you feel ready.
  • Read Hammack, 12.5 and 12.6 and do exercises.
  • Catch up anything that needs catching up (“Remote Structure” above lists resources for everything you may have missed).
  • If you’d like to form a Zoom study group (which I encourage, see my email for info on that).