For Friday, March 20th, 2020

For Friday:

  • If you are moving home etc., be aware that I’m recording lectures, which you can find on Canvas under “Media Gallery” and you can view the blackboard screenshots and other materials under “Lectures” above.  There will be no due dates until after spring break.  Please catch up as time allows!
  • Right now my plan is to make the course as adaptable to your varying circumstances as I can.  That means I will set up a synchronous, regular work schedule for those that can, with options to be asynchronous and/or uneven in worktime for those who need it.  I’ll be taking spring break to set things up for the rest of semester in this regard.
  • Read Hammack 12.4, Composition, and do exercises.
  • Do the first problem on the worksheet (visit Wednesday’s links in “Lectures” above), which I will take up on Friday.
  • When time permits, read Hammack 12.3 for a revisit of the pigeonhole principle (as I discussed in Wed’s zoom lecture).
  • In today’s Zoom meeting I didn’t quite get to the definition of “inverse”.  I’ll get to that at the beginning of Friday, but it’s ok to work ahead!  It’s Hammack 12.5.